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Stan World is a virtual world platform from Stans, by Stans, and for Stans. We find that the strongest, most genuine friendships are formed between people who share the same interests and passion. As ourselves from several cultures, we understand that “stanning” with the public – such as shows, films, books, stories, characters, sports, bands, artists, video games, brands, products, hobbies, etc. – can act as a vulnerability, perhaps in a world where people under constant “cold” pressure, pursue metrics of arrogance (for example, ‘likes’ and ‘followers’) to be accepted in ‘friends’ and the general public.
As such, we have created Stan World – an oasis of acceptance and support – where gifts from long-lasting new connections are celebrated and some perspectives that might delegate this space are ignored.
However, Stan World is more than just a social platform; this is the world. Users find friends in new ways:Of course, this is only part of the potential of social networking. They also play a big role in the business world. With millions or even billions of people around the world on social networks, this is the right place to advertise. Therefore, they make billions of dollars by publishing applications that can be seen by millions of people.However, as with any new discovery, it is difficult to understand how this can be overcome and what are the next steps in the development of the Internet. In fact, you can say that social networking is now something new and separate from the Internet itself.However, thanks to new technologies such as blockchain and VR, new social network generators may be closer than we think and are very different from what we expect. This is what was promised to implement the project known as Stan World.

Platform Features:

  • Avatar:  Express your identity through a fully customizable avatar and be what you want
  • Community:  Join the standards, the user community has gathered based on common interests
  • Activities:  watching movies, playing concerts, playing games, going to amusement parks or relaxing together in the virtual world

Stan World is a project that plans to introduce a new generation of social networking – new forms and new opportunities. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality and blockchain, this new form of social networking will be revolutionary and innovative.It will also be the first platform in the entire crypto / blockchain industry to receive true mass acceptance by a new generation. This is intended for those born between 1992 and 2005, when the ways in which Genes and Z use the media and talk on the Internet have changed.

With Stan World, most people will be completely redefined, including ways to make friends and chat. Changes are likely to be implemented for the better, because they will offer unique new ways to make them. Stan World will also allow users to create and edit the ultimate world the way they want. And, as in all crypto / blockchain based projects, Stan World will have its own money for encryption – STAN money, which is currently in the preICO stage.As already stated, Stan World is currently in the preICO stage, which starts on September 26 and will end in only eight days on October 17. After that, ICO will start on the same day and will last until November 7 this year. This project sells STAN tokens, a utility developed on the Ethereum network. In other words, this is another ERC-20 marker, but with great potential to meet expectations. In addition, this is actually not ICO, but IEO, which will be presented at Probit Launchpad.This provides far greater safety and reliability. Projects must offer bonuses, prizes and MVPs. This project will receive various types of encryption, including BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, ADA, LTC and even USD. The minimum investment is only $ 100. Meanwhile, the project decided that paperback would be $ 5 million, and a hardcover of $ 30 million. As a result, Stan World is registered in the United States and has almost no limited space. Anyone who wants to participate must go through the KYC and White List procedures, but this is the only requirement.

Through blockchain technology, we have designed the Stan World ecosystem to provide equal and fair benefits to all participants.

Reliable creations are useful

60% maker

20% involved

Stan World 20%

All transactions through Stan Coin

Multi-purpose multi-use coins

Only Stan Coin must be used for all transactions inside Stan World but Stan Coin can also be used for transactions outside of Stan World.

Special benefits for users

A reward system for users involved through testing, reviewing, and promoting the creations produced through AI’s creation tools.

STAN Coins
This is a cryptocurrency utility that you can use to:
(i) Good thing: creators get the biggest percentage of profits generated on their creations (items, experiences, games)
(ii) Engagement: users can also be rewarded when they contribute when they contribute . engagement activities such as testing, reviewing and promoting creations
(iii) Real World Exchange: transactions occur in cyberspace but also in the real world where users can use coins interchangeably.Token SaleICO start date: September 26, 2019ICO End date: 31 October 2019Soft hat: US $ 5.000.000Hard Cap Size: $ 30,000,000Detail tokenTicker: STANType: service tokenAdditional Token Allocation: NoneCurrency ReceivedBTCETHDolar ASXRPLTCbonus programRound 1: $ 0.10, bonus 15%, 2019/09 / 26-2019 / 10/03Round 2: $ 0.25, 10% bonus, 2019/10/03-2019 / 10/10Round 3: $ 0.50, bonus 5%, 2019/10 / 10-2019 / 10/17Round 4: $ 0.75, bonus 5%, 2019/10 / 17-2019 / 10/24Round 5: $ 0.75, bonus 3%, 2019/10/24-2019 / 10/31Token Distribution55% – token sale15% – tim10% – mitra10% – marketing10% – reserveDistribution of funds50% – development10% – Surgery10% legal10% – marketing10% – Creator Fund10% – reserveIMPORTANT DETAILSStarting: October 3, 2019End: 31 October 2019Website:  https://www.stan.worldWhite Paper:   Baca WhiteToken Role: STAN Coin is an official cryptocurrency that you can use to exchange profits, participation and the real worldProduct status: ICOCategory ICO: Business ICOLead the team: Ki Hong Lee – founder and CEO, see Chin Woon – founder and CTO, Peter Jung – founder and COO, Joon Kim – developerToken symbol: FLATWhere to buy tokens:    the Stan World website


for more detailed information about the Stan World project, you can visit the link belowWebsite: https://www.stan.worldWhitepaper: Kopimilk

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