platform designed to help popularize cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is annoying, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformative. Nexxus has selected several Crypto Currency Promotion Services. This is the headquarters of Nexxus Rewards – Global Rewards. Business loyalty programs have many problems that can be solved in unique ways with blockchain technology. By eliminating some industry-specific problems, Nexxus Rewards can identify common reasons for implementing cryptocurrency. Its main technology is Nexxus Rewards – a global gift community. With Nexxus Rewards, it’s easy for merchants, buyers, and the local community to use cryptocurrency in a win-win situation. Buyers have mobile and desktop applications that they can use to find Nexxus dealers to collect and exchange Nexxus award points. Nexxus dealers receive promotions from Nexxus in their stores. Nexxus Rewards is already running with merchants who currently offer cash prizes to buyers. Nexxus sellers can come from all types of businesses in the community, such as: cinema, home improvement, real estate, car rental, etc. Nexxus Rewards is the first global loyalty bonus technology for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Nexxus Rewards fills the people who are most comfortable now by accepting local Fiat currencies and ultimately showing the benefits of cryptocurrency. Nexxus Rewards is planning exponential growth worldwide with a trained and certified direct sales and distribution strategy to distribute critical mass in the community, offering enough buyers to dealers and dealers enough for buyers, Nexxus partners have a strong technical background and have develop their technology for years. All technologies, including Nexxus Global Rewards and many support services such as the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), Nexxus Barter and Direct Sales Management, developed, managed and controlled by Nexxus without third party certification for important functions. In this way, Nexxus can quickly make improvements and improvements to meet the changing needs of the business environment. HOW EVERYONE WORKS

Traders use their profit margins to decide what percentage of sales they offer as gifts to buyers. Low profit companies like gas stations or grocery stores can only offer 1% – 2% prices. Companies with high margins like hair salons or laundries can offer 15% – 20% or more. Prices directly to the buyer. Dealers also pay low marketing fees for valuable Nexxus Prize services. Marketing costs according to their price percentage up to 5%. If the dealer offers a price of 1%, the marketing fee is only 1%. If you offer a price of 20%, your marketing costs are only 5%. Marketing costs are Nexxus Rewards gross revenue and are used, inter alia, for

For example; Church refers to Buyer # 1 refers to Buyer # 2 who purchases $ 100 from retailers and gives a 10% discount. The merchant collects $ 100 from buyer # 2 using any payment method that is acceptable.2. The trader enters the transaction price for buyer # 2. The trader pays $ 10 to buy a Nexxus token for $ 1.00 with a public wallet for the buyer’s price. Traders pay $ 5 for marketing fees. Nexxus Rewards will give Shopper a $ 10 shopping credit that they can see in their mobile applications and cash in at any Nexxus dealer. The Nexxus Award provides 10% of marketing costs as a reference price of $ 0.50 to Buyer # 1, which is in the form of a purchase credit, which can be exchanged at a Nexxus dealer such as cash.

During the sale of the IEO Nexxus token, all NXR token buyers will receive a buyback option for all or part of the purchased token. If Nexxus rewards buying Nexxus tokens from a public wallet, they will be given a gift to the buyer as a First prize, he tries to fulfill each repurchase option. The repurchase option holder is contacted in the order of purchasing the Nexxus token during IEO.2. You can choose to accept or reject a one-time offer to sell all or part of your Nexxus token at a price of $ 1.3. When they receive an offer, they will receive specific instructions for making a sell order for the specified Nexxus Token Amount of $ 1.00 each. For good causes, Nexxus Charity and the Nonprofit Foundation share the total income of their members and those who are unlimited friends and family members in a full network of tens of thousands of buyers. They don’t have anything to buy or sell – they only support their community. For buyers, dealerexexus does not pay for launches and can win new customers with free SMS marketing to broadcast their daily promotions. Buyers continue to return, collect and trade their financial points. Traders can generate additional income streams from other reference purchases. Traders also have unlimited access to the crypto currency payment processing portal through which they can finally accept Bitcoin and all other supported cryptocurrency. Buyers of Nexus buyers can register for free and start collecting and trading free gift points that can be spent as money by any merchant. Nexxus Reward Points can increase the value of using Nexxus Rewards worldwide. Buyers can get free shopping bonuses for each buyer’s transaction that they directly recommend. Brief History Nexxus Rewards was launched in January 2016 in Plano, Texas with an initial private capital of $ 700,000 to develop and market unique and innovative products Complete community collaboration solutions that enable local merchants to find and retain new customers through shopper partnerships. With a local charity organization. All Nexxus Rewards systems are ready to use, to generate revenue. Nexxus Rewards is currently Series A, which is intended to buy $ 2 to $ 10 million in geo-publishing products that are essential for optimal success. Social Mission Nexxus Rewards has three social missions to help identify major local social problems. The purpose of funding, saving small local businesses in the city, and giving individuals the opportunity to regain control of their monetary and financial systems. Long-term vision The Nexxus Rewards leadership team experienced will implement business plan to establish a multibillion-dollar business from a local purchasing network around the world with a large number of dealers and buyers brokered through a professional direct sales team. Proven and profitable Nexxus rewards are ideal targets for the acquisition of large and successful online brands such as Google or Amazon who want to expand their brand offline with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of local retailers worldwide. A problematic society is an encouragement for the nation and society is in dire need of revival. Local problems can be solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profits are always the best solution to local social problems, whether in the local public kitchen to feed the homeless or local shelters to protect abused women or local shelters for abandoned animals. However, this program is very underfunded and will be by the state bureaucracy, Local public spending and lack of timely contributions are holding them back. Local SMEs do most of the work and better understand the local needs of the community. Every dollar spent on local businesses in the community accounts for a higher percentage. However, it tries to compete with big companies, big companies and national funds. 20% of small businesses fail in the first year. 30% fail in the second year, 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years. SOLUTION Collaborative Community Solutions Convergence in Financial and Social Responsibility Charity accepts permanent fundraising that limits its social objectives without restriction. This is done through a network of unlimited local buyers who communicate with their friends, communicate with their friends and take pictures. Traders accept and retain new customers with risk-free and affordable marketing solutions that are not paid by anyone after the sale and when they pay, they quote the price. Buyers collect and trade Nexxus Rewards points, which will be paid in cash by all participating merchants. In this free mall, you can only shop and share with your friends. Nexxus Rewards is ready to use after product development and market testing is complete. which will be paid in cash by all participating merchants. In this free mall, you can only shop and share with your friends. Nexxus Rewards is ready to use after product development and market testing is complete. which will be paid in cash by all participating merchants. At this free mall, You can only shop and share with your friends. Nexxus Rewards is ready to use after product development and market testing is complete.

Option to buy back Nexxus tokens

Nexxu token buyers from IEB ProBit token sales will receive a unique repurchase program through the Nexxus Prize Purchase Prize Program. In addition to the NXR Token Bonus, the buyer has the option to purchase all or part of the purchased NXR token with a minimum purchase price of 1.00 USD to sell. This option will be extended by Nexxus Rewards to IEO NXR token buyers to meet current Nexxus Rewards requirements, Nexxus token requirements given to buyers as free shopping with every purchase.


The    Nexxus-    Token has built-in   buyer demand   as the internal currency of the    Nexxus premium    . Every purchase in any currency will affect buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus  token   . Regardless of the currency used for the purchase, a percentage of the price of cashback offered by the merchant is automatically bought in the market in a Nexxus token   , for example, if the trader offers a 10% cash back prize and the buyer  spends  $ 100,  Nexxus  will   take a   $ 10 Prize from the dealer and buy $ 10 Nexxus tokens   from the public exchange. On the   Nexxus Prize Points potentially ten days estimated at hundreds of millions of US dollars, the demand for extraordinary utility buyers is   increasing   .

Similar to those used by Ethereum   ether coins    which are   Nexxus-   mark as an internal currency the    benefits of Nexxus are useful    and can increase in value if the use of    Nexxus Reward solutions    worldwide   increases   . Ethereum offers computer services to the programming market, while    Nexxus offers  marketing services to a much larger market of traders and buyers. Many traditional loyalty programs today are available without blockchain technology. The blockchain solution for the   Nexxus Award  has a distinct advantage over traditional static loyalty points supported by SHARED and DYNAMIC Prize Points – public market tokens Nexxus  for international expansion.


  • 2009 was founded in Chicago
  • IPO 2011
  • Market capitalization of $ 17 billion in 2012
  • Market capitalization in 2019 of $ 2 billion

Groupon dealers are asked to give a 50% discount to Groupon buyers. Then they have to share a 50% discount on income with Groupon 50/50. Traders usually lose 25% of their normal income. Traders sincerely hope that Groupon buyers will return to benefit in the future, which usually never happens.

Without real customer loyalty

Nexxus    offers a more competitive and risk-free solution that is affordable for all traders who only pay after the sale and who pay their own price. Nexxus also    supports local charities with  foundation  funds as  the  main strategy to get   buyers   . And    Nexxus buyers  can collect and redeem  Nexxus award  points  , which are distributed as cash by all participating merchants throughout the world.


  1. Affordable Marketing Solutions Every company has its own prices.
  2. The Community Cooperative Program funds important local social issues.
  3. The joint buyer gift program collects and redeems prizes from all dealers.
  4. Viral Referral Marketing rewards buyers for referring to their friends and family
  5. Leveraged Fixed Fundraising, Paying charity from the entire shopping reference network


Nexxu tokens will be immediately available to the public.50 million Nexxus tokens are offered at a price of $ 0.20 each with BUY GUARANTEED $ 1.00 for dealer purchase transactionsBANK: NXX – Nexxus Tokens BRANDTYPE BRAND: ERC20 Utility Tokens CHANGE VALUE: 1 USD = 5 NXXGESAMPLOSESERGUNG: 375,000,000 SALES: 50,000,000 SOFT / HARD CAP: 2 million USD – 10 million USD

Token info

  1. Ticker:  NXX
  2. Type: Utility-token
  3. Token standard: ERC20
  4. Price of tokens in USD: 1  NXX  = 0.2 USD
  5. Murrencies accepted: BTC, ETH, USDT, PROB


  1. Public sales: 15 Oct 2019 – 29 Oct 2019
  2. Token supply: 375,000,000  NXX
  3. Total tokens sold: 50,000,000  NXX
  4. Soft cap: 2.000.000 USD
  5. Hard cap: 10.000.000 USD


  1. Platform Blockchain: Ethereum
  2. Country of registration: United States
  3. Registration year: 2019
  4. Office address: 1400 Preston Road, Suite 400, Plano, TX, 75093 USA

Token distribution:

  1. ANGEL: 98.000.000 – 26%
  2. RESEARCH: 56,000,000 – 15%
  3. EVANGELIST: 69.000.000 – 18%
  4. DISTRIBUTION: 243,000,000 – 65%
  5. TOKEN SALE: 50,000,000 – 13%
  6. RECOMMENDATIONS: 82,000,000 – 22%

Budget allocation:

  1. SALES STAFF: 50.0% – $ 5,000,000
  2. ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% – $1,500,000
  3. AD: 12.5% ​​- $ 1,250,000
  4. MARKETING: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  5. COMMUNITY RELATIONS: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  6. INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  7. CAPITAL FEE: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  8. OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2,5% – $ 250,000


  • 1/2016 – 1/2018
  • Product Development
  • 1/2018 – 6/2019
  • Market Testing
  • 6/2019 – 12/2019
  • Crowdfunding
  • 9/2019 – 12/2019
  • Sales Team Acquisition & Training
  • 1/2020 – 6/2020
  • Plano Merchant & Charity Acquisition
  • 6/2020 – 12/2020
  • North Dallas Expansion
  • 1/2021 – 12/2021
  • Expansion of the Dallas Area
  • 1/2022 – 12/2022
  • Ft. Eligible Area Expansion

Project team



RICH ENGAGEMENTMarketing Director

GARY BERRIOCHOAVP of Business Development

MIKE SORENSENDirector of Technology

BILL RICHARDSONFinancial controller

MICHAEL BAILEYLocalization Director

For more informationWebsite: Paper:;u=2653702

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